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Termites also known as white ants make their tunnels in most wood. They make holes in the furniture and cause massive destruction of timber, logs and wood. Climate of Sydney is quite suitable for the growth of termites. Heat combined with moisture is an ideal situation for these insects. If you can see colonies of termites dwelling on the doors, windows, trees or furniture, then immediately call the termite control Sydney team from Ultra Pest Control and eradicate this issue from your home.

How to Identify Termite Shelters?

To limit the destruction caused by these insects, it becomes essential to recognise their presence as soon as possible. You must take the termite pest control solution from Ultra Pest Control, if you find any of the following signs:

  • These pests form a tube-like structure and live inside it. This is the most common indicator of their existence.
  • If you feel that the furniture has become hollow from inside but looks good outside, then there is a possibility of termites residing in the hollow place.
  • Termites living in the wood may disturb the structure of the wooden objects. Even the paint looks cracked from outside, if the white ants are present inside them.
  • You might notice certain changes in the appearance of doors, windows and floor because of the presence of termites.
  • Mudding due to termites is common at places where termites stay.

Why is Termite Treatment Sydney Essential?

The creepy pests hidden inside the wood and tiny cracks are enemy of your beautiful furniture. Sometimes, they grow inside the soil and then come upwards to different objects. Their source of inception and root cause of their arrival must be determined in order to remove them completely from the house. Not only the furniture, but the health of humans can also get disturbed due to them. Kids playing on floor can touch them by mistake and get infection from them. To prevent the side effects of these pests, get in touch with Ultra Pest Control.

Our termite protection Sydney specialists always reach on time and handle every case excellently. You just need to book the service and relax at home. But, make sure that you detect the signs of termites at an early stage only because the severity of damage increases with time. Once they start multiplying at an uncontrollable rate, normal procedures fail to destroy them and advanced methods are implemented.

Best Termite Control Sydney Service by Ultra Pest Control

Within a short duration, we have earned the trust of many house owners with our termite treatment services. The following are the benefits that make us special:

  • Detailed inspection is done before starting the treatment.
  • The source of their colony is identified. Destroying the problem from the root is the only way to prevent them from coming back.
  • Customised solutions are suggested to the clients and then implemented in a professional way.
  • Different tips and tricks to create barriers to termite entry are discussed with the client. This helps them to get long-lasting results from the treatment.
  • Our experts use various tools such as moisture monitors, cameras and even sniffer dogs to find and inspect the termites.
  • We offer premium class service at reasonable prices.
  • Termite Control Sydney service is available for both commercial and residential properties.
  • We use advanced and effective equipment to facilitate on-time completion of work.

Complete Process of Termite Pest Control

The entire process is started with a thorough inspection of the place by Ultra Pest Control team. Secondly, all the wooden objects inside and in the premises of the house are checked. Budding termite colonies, termite mud, tunnels and holes in the ground are checked with great attention.

Appropriate termite treatment Sydney is determined after checking everything. If the problem has arrived from the soil, then different treatments for soil are done. When the problem is limited to a specific object in a particular area, then chemical treatments, sealing and painting is done. For termite protection Sydney, physical barriers such as steel mesh and shields are also fixed.

The products that we use for pest control are eco-friendly. After some hours, the pungent smell will reduce and no side effects will be caused to your health.

Our technicians monitor the condition continuously and make sure that no point of entry is left for the termites again. Baiting stations are also identified and monitored to prevent further infestation. If you are looking for the best termite control Sydney, then you can rely on us.

Tips to Prevent Termite Infestation

  • Remove all the unnecessary wooden logs, ply woods and fire woods to restrict the growth of termite.
  • Keep a check on the furniture. If not monitored on a regular basis, they might collapse after getting hollow.
  • Don’t let the moisture increase. Water is the major reason behind termite colonies. So, ensure that the wooden furniture is exposed to sunlight sometimes.
  • Replace normal wood objects with hardwood things.
  • Apply the chemicals to treat the termites at the initial stage.
  • Instead of doing everything in an absurd manner, always take termite pest control service from Ultra Pest Control.

Frequently Asked Questions about Termite Treatment Services

Is the termite control treatment service costly?

No. The prices of the pest control services at Ultra Pest Control are reasonable.

Will the termites come again after treatment?

We make sure that the termites are eradicated from their root source. Even if they made their home in soil, we try to treat the problem with the help of insecticides.

How can I hire termite control Sydney experts?

Dial the contact number given on the website or fill the form to get the response.

Do you provide pest control treatments only for termites?

If you are distressed from other types of pests then, we can remove them as well. Bugs, fleas, borers, termites, spiders, and many other pests are controlled by us at reasonable prices.

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