End Of Lease Pest Control Sydney

End Of Lease Pest Control Sydney

Why us?

  • Ultra pest Control has been providing versatile & reliable end of lease pest control in Sydney. Apart from our exclusive techniques what sets us apart is:
  • Trained technicians– in order to perform such a difficult task like pest control trained & qualified technicians are sent to your home. They know their pests very well and use tools accordingly.
  • Affordable rates– the most important advantage we serve is that we charge a reasonable rate for our services. Solutions will be provided within your budget by our executive at Ultra Pest Control.
  • Emergency services- We provide proficient emergency services in case you forget your agreement is about to end. We are available 24/7 and on public holidays as well.
  • Latest tools- Some techniques of pest treatment are complicated and can only be well executed with the help of the latest tools and equipment that our team carries for the pest control treatment.
  • Organic pesticides- The pesticides used in the process are organically developed. They are definitely harsh on pests but at the same time they are pet & children safe and do not contain toxic chemicals.
  • Guaranteed results- We stand by our word when we say we provide top notch end of lease pest control in Sydney. Our services give exceptional results and the effect lasts much longer than your expectation.

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End Of Lease Pest Control & Removal Sydney

Opting for a pest control during and at the end of lease is a common and crucial practice. Why not hire the best in the market to serve exceptional end of lease pest control. Sydney is made up of many suburbs with multiple tenants looking for pest control and for them pest treatment at our rates is a steal.

Ultra Pest Control has been providing all rounds & prompt end of lease pest control in Sydney for years now. The motive is to help you return the landlords to their house in a pristine state.

Need for end of lease pest control Sydney

  • End of lease pest control in Sydney has become a new obligation considering the lifestyle. You would not appreciate moving into a house full of pests; similarly the landlords would not like it if you return the property full of pests. So in order to maintain the hygiene of the house it is very important to avail pest control from professionals. It serves myriad of benefits to both tenant & landlord like:
  • Pest free home- End of lease pest control treatment by Ultra Pest Control keeps home clean & pest free thus avoiding health hazards like skin allergies, jaundice, malaria and even asthma.
  • Intact property- Pests like rodents & termites tend to damage upholstery & flooring by either gnawing or creating cracks in the foundation of the building. Availing pest control helps prevent these problems in the long run
  • Saves money- Pest control treatment reduces the risk of paying extra money to the landlord. Money that could have been paid to the landlord because of the damage pest infestation caused is saved with professional pest control treatment.
  • Credibility- It builds trust in the eyes of the landlord and can be beneficial if you are willing to extend the term of agreement.

Who is responsible to avail pest control?

Generally it is the landlord who is responsible to opt for pest control but in today’s times it is very common for tenants to opt for end of lease pest control in Sydney once during their stay and at the end of their lease agreement for the second time.

Usually the landlord gets pest control done prior to renting out. Likewise it is the tenants’ responsibility to leave a home in a clean & intact condition before vacating especially if they have pets. It is important for the landlord & tenant to mutually decide and mention the same in the agreement for future references.

The methods of pest extermination practiced at Ultra Pest Control 

The process of pest control is time consuming & involves a lot of responsibility especially in case of a rented property. Our team prefers using a tailor made process depending upon the damage, infestation and space to be treated. The methods of pest extermination as suggested by our experts at Ultra Pest Control include:

  • Pesticides spray- in this method the team after carefully monitoring the space and infested area develops a blend of chemical pesticides. This pesticide is then sprayed all over the infested area to annihilate pests. This procedure should be performed by trained professionals only.
  • Fumigation- a fumigation machine is used in the technique to create fumes with chemicals. Later the fumes are pumped into affected areas to eradicate pests completely. Fumes reach every nook & corner making it easier to attack even the tiniest of the pests.
  • Heat treatment- high intensity heat is produced in a high tech machine. This heat forces pests to come out of their nests. Latest tools are used by our team at Ultra Pest Control in the process.

Common pests we have encountered-

We provide complete pest control treatment all over Sydney to domestic & commercial clients. So far we have been serving our customers with excellent & unmatched results. We cover the following treatments under end of lease pest control Sydney:

  • Flea control treatment
  • Wasp control treatment
  • Rodent control treatment
  • Bedbugs control treatment
  • Ant control treatment
  • Cockroach & silverfish control treatment
  • Spider & lizards control
  • Pet ticks control treatment
  • Bird netting etc

We understand how important it is to handover a clean & pest free home to your landlord before you move out. Allow us to help you leave behind all your pest problems with our end of lease pest control in Sydney. To know more about us you can call us at 0280002988


What pests are targeted in pest control?

Generally pest control treatment covers ant, spider, and cockroach control. But if you have any specification we provide complete coverage of all kinds of pests.

Do you guarantee pests won’t appear after the treatment?

Indeed! Our pest control treatment is full proof and effective. In fact the effect lasts long for up to 6 months so yes the pests won’t reappear after the treatment.

Do you provide an end of lease for pet ticks?

Pet ticks or fleas are common in homes with cats & dogs so we provide end of lease pest control in Sydney for pet ticks as well.

Is pest control treatment likely to get washed away during monsoon?

Our team ensures that the gel properly dries & penetrates into the affected area so even if it rains the treatment will not wash away.

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