Flea Control Sydney

Flea Control Sydney

Why pick us?

Certified & skilled team- every single member of our crew is certified, trained, and skilled to offer you the best flea control in Sydney. Our team is regularly trained about the new advancements in pest extermination and every technician undergoes a background check for your safety purposes.

Eco-friendly products- We only employ organic or eco-friendly solutions for flea eradication so even if the chemical gets released into the surrounding it poses no harm. Similarly, our organic solutions are safe for your children and pets too.

Cost-effective services- the aim is to offer you quality services at the most reasonable prices; we impose no hidden charges and our customers are provided with written estimates so as to avoid confusion in the future.

Emergency availability– what sets us apart is are available during emergencies and mishaps. We offer the finest and quickest services for all emergencies. Our same-day service bookings can be made easily, even on public holidays and weekends.

Reliable services- we substantiate all our claims, you can rest assured about the results when it comes to flea control, Sydney. We have helped countless families with flea control and removal with our swift, reliable, and quality services.

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Flea pest control Sydney – The process:

Even though our skilled team designs a specialized treatment to help you with your pest problems the generalized approach we adopt is as below:

The entire property is carefully inspected to locate all affected areas and to determine the best possible solution. Our crew then explains the entire process so you know what exactly will be executed for flea eradication. Pets in your home should be treated by a medical professional with appropriate treatment while flea exterminator Sydney is conducting the process to ensure 100% results.

Next, our team uses industry upgraded, supreme-quality chemical blends to kill fleas from infestation areas on your property. A specialized blend of insect growth regulators and an anti-pest solution is sprayed all over the property. The solution is then allowed to dry followed by vacuuming of the property to extract all the dirt and mess caused during the process. Clients can then inspect the affected area along with our team for customer satisfaction.

Our pet safe flea pest control

Sydney being a diverse city has a versatile range of pets; these furry companions should be taken care of appropriately. Just like us they go outdoors and end up catching flea ticks, and although preventing this is not feasible, treating it aptly is. In order to ensure no harm is caused to your pets or anyone in the house, Ultra Pest Control Sydney has been offering organic solutions for your flea problems.

Our products are 100% safe and cause no harm to your pets in any way; furthermore, since the insecticides are plant-based no harm is caused to your property and your surroundings. Our specialist suggests seeking a veterinarian’s advice to find out if your pet is allergic to a particular so we can avert using it in the flea control process. Pet is bound to catch fleas hence we curate a formula that is in the best interest of your pet.

Flea prevention tips by our experts:

Besides availing best flea control in Sydney from our reliable pest exterminators you can avoid or restrict flea influx with these handy tips:

  • Regular vacuuming of upholstery items like carpets, rugs sofas, etc.
  • Keep your pets well-groomed, and clean, and trim their fur regularly so fleas will find it difficult to hide. Also keep your pet’s belongings like their bed, towel, etc. clean.
  • Make sure you empty vacuum pockets and incinerate them immediately or there is a risk of other creepy intruders entering your property.
  • You can seek professional assistance as soon as you notice your pets scratching themselves even after a nice bath or if you notice bumps on their skin. The early you treat them to better the results.
  • You adore your pets and express it y hugging them, what you are also hugging are the fleas they carry and their possible threats. A flea infestation can ruin your experience of having a pet. Get in touch with Ultra Pest Control Sydney for the finest flea control treatment. Call us at 0280002988 for further enquires

Rid your home of flea infestation with Ultra pest control Sydney professional assistance

Flea is a tiny pest that is often found on hairy hosts like your furry friends. So if your pet has been scratching themselves or if you have noticed bumps or blood marks on their skin lately they have been carrying flea ticks. Dealing with fleas can be tricky and time-consuming thus you must avail expert flea control. Sydney is a city of pet lovers, almost every household hold has a cat or a dog they admire.

Flea on pets can easily multiply and spread everywhere forcing you to give up on your pet. However, if you don’t want to evict your furry companion make sure you get in touch with our expert team right away. Ultra Pest Control Sydney has been offering exceptional flea control and removal solutions to an extensive list of residential clientele. We are one of the leading pest control services providers in Australia who have been serving comprehensive flea control solutions at the most affordable rates.

What are fleas and why do you need a flea exterminator Sydney?

Commonly found on cats and dogs fleas are tiny pests that often attach to your pet when they are outdoors. Fleas are tiny reddish-brown, they feed on your pets’ blood and cause uncomfortable itch and rashes on your pet’s skin. They multiply when your pet is asleep; Moreover, they also infest the places your pets sleep including upholstery items like sofas and carpets. Even though they do not bite or harm humans directly they can be a potential threat.

Flea extermination can be time-consuming and complicated and should be conducted by trained professionals for effective results. Ultra Pest Control Sydney’s professional flea control treatment will not only help with flea extermination but also detain them from reappearing.

Threats fleas impose:

  • Flea influx causes tapeworms on pets, likewise even humans are likely to have tapeworms if their pets have them already.
  • A flea bite is not harmful to humans but when neglected repeatedly can cause respiratory issues, skin allergies, bumps, swelled face and lips & itchy skin.
  • Flea Allergic Dermatitis is one of the common issues pet owners face if their pets have fleas. The skin irritation and bumps this causes can be only treated by a medical professional.
  • Fleas attract rats and rodents thus causing an outbreak of jaundice amongst inhabitants
  • Apart from these major threats fleas infestation sets a bad repute on acquaintances & guests thus making flea control Sydney a mandate.

Frequently asked questions:

What attracts fleas?

Fleas are attracted by humidity and foul odours, so one must make sure their pet’s fur is dry and smells good.

Is it safe to avail pest control treatment with kids or lactating mothers at home?

Our crew suggests vacating the entire property until they exterminate fleas or any other pests. This is because the odour from chemicals can be annoying and cause migraine. However, once the solution has dried completely you can use the property like before. Also with our eco-friendly solutions, Flea pest control Sydney is 100% safe for senior citizens patients, pregnant and lactating ladies, and even for your pets.

Isn’t vacuuming enough to extract flea ticks?

Vacuuming may help prevent flea infestation however for a full proof result you must hire a pest exterminator, Sydney.

Will vaccinating pets help with flea control?

Yes, some vaccines prevent flea ticks from attaching to your pet’s skin and fur. However, it should be given under medical supervision by a certified vet.

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