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Rodent Control & Removal Sydney

Exhausted searching for the ‘best pest and rodent control near me’? Looking for someone who can help with dead rodent removal from your home? Or needlessly spending money on buying rat poison to get rid of rats & mice from your home? Well we are glad to inform you that Ultra Pest Control is the answer to all your questions.

Ultra Pest Control’s one-of-a-kind revolutionary pest control strategy helps eradicate rodents from your home effectively. We provide long lasting & time tested rodent control. Sydney is a multi-ethnic city, so we understand the difference in customer needs with rodent pest control. Hence we deliver customized pest control rodent treatment all over Sydney & other cities in Australia.

Why do you need Rodent control Sydney?

Rodents are inarguably the most damage causing, filthy, warm blooded mammals; and a rodent infestation can be torturing to you. They have oversized teeth for gnawing and chew anything & everything available in your home or office. They can easily get indoor from holes as tiny as the size of a quarter. What’s worse is that getting rid of rats & mice all by yourself is next to impossible hence availing rodent control in Sydney is decisive.

There are about 1500 living rodent species in the entire world

  • Roof rats
  • Cotton rats
  • Deer mice
  • Norway rats
  • House mouse
  • Bandicoots
  • Garden rodent

Initially they enter seeking for food and gradually settle along with their entire family. If you locate even a single rodent in your home it is crucial to get professional help, because even one mouse can attract the entire colony. Moreover their existence can attract other pests & insects in your home causing damage to property & health before you know. Even though Rodent control requires a lot of time & energy; it is a necessity in today’s times.

Threats rodents cause

Rodents not only bring health hazards into your homes, they can cause serious damage to your favorite belongings & upholstery. Some threats rodents cause are:

  • Rats eat food in your home & contaminate the rest with hair, droppings & urine.
  • They have huge teeth for gnawing hence end up damaging books, furniture, clothes, electrical appliance and the upholstery in your home
  • They cause hazardous diseases by transporting ticks, licks, fleas, bugs and even contaminated food dropping or through bite.
  • They spread jaundice, plague, rat-bite fever, pulmonary fever and other diseases.
  • Rats defecate up to 60 times a day & urinate everywhere to mark their territory this attracts other pests into your home or offices
  • They can destroy your entire garden area by burrowing & gnawing
  • They can even damage your roofing causing leaks and other major problems.
  • Clearly rats are more than a nuisance and should be dealt with immediately by availing rodent treatment in Sydney in order to keep your health & property intact.

How to identify rodent infestation?

It is very important to opt for rodent control the moment you notice even a single mouse/rodent. But other than actually seeing a rat here are certain ways that can help you identify if you space is already infested by rodents:

  • Rodent droppings is the easiest & most common sign of rat infestation
  • Their urine creates disgusting odor, especially in low ventilated areas; this can help find rats in homes.
  • Rats follow the same route everyday while seeking food, so common runways should be observed.
  • Though rats are quick & stay undercover they can be traced through the sound they make at night.
  • If you experience an electrical short circuit anywhere in your home or a fire breaks out, it’s the rat’s job.
  • Burrowing in walls, fences or wooden piles can be a sign of infestation
  • Half eaten food can also mean rats exist in your home.

Versatile methods for rodent treatment Sydney-

There are multiple solutions for rodent control our team utilizes in order to prevent rat infestation in your home or office. Some of the most preferred rat traps are:

  • Rodent proofing
  • Rodent trapping
  • Rodent baiting
  • Placing rodent bait station
  • Rat guard installation
  • Rat glue trap

Process of rodent control Sydney-

The revolutionary pest control rodent treatment that our team at Ultra Pest Control follows is a three step process:

  • Inspection– Our team will inspect all the areas in your home that are possible entry spaces for rodents and come up with an exclusive plan to exterminate them.
  • Exclusion- Rodent traps & baits will be used at this stage to get hold of rats in your home or office. These holes are sealed or patched with glue tape in order to prevent these intruders from entering your home.
  • Re-inspection- The entire space is then properly sanitized in order to prevent rats from entering the house. We also help in dead rodent removal and post exclusion inspection to ensure that your home is completely mice free.

Spaces we cover-

Ultra Pest Control is a dedicated team that aims to provide you with a clean & safe household. In order to provide you complete protection from the threats of rats & mice we cover almost all spaces in your house including:

  • Roof returns & plumbing vents
  • Gaps between exterior walls & roof
  • Attic, turbine & gable vent
  • Dryer & oven vents
  • Pipe openings outside the house
  • Garage entrance
  • Kitchen corners
  • Garden area

Rodent control in Sydney is a hard-hitting task to perform but for Ultra Pest Control rodent control is an area of expertise. We can provide you with a safe & hygienic mice free life with our exceptional pest control rodent treatment. For free inspection call our helpline +61480092459

Benefits of choosing Ultra Pest Control for rodent control

  • Free inspection is provided to help you identify the entry points and to guide you about rodent control Sydney.
  • Unique & customized rodent control techniques are used so as to deliver the best services & to meet your expectations
  • Trained experts are sent to perform the task; they are skilled & certified to execute rodent treatment Sydney.
  • Cost effective services are provided by us keeping in mind your budget. Also we impose no hidden extra charges after the process.
  • 24 hours availability & consistency in pest control rodent treatment. We serve on weekends & public holidays; also we deliver same day services to our customers.


What is the best bait for rats?

We prefer using peanut butter as it attracts mice & rats immediately

Do you also help In removing dead rodents?

Indeed, we provide dead rodent removal & ensure complete sanitization in the area it was found.

Do you also provide commercial rodent control services?

Yes we provide rodent treatment in sydney to both residential & commercial spaces

Is professional rodent control Sydney really needed even for single mice?

One mouse can create space for all of them into your house, and then once the entire home is infested, getting rid of them can be a difficult task. Hence for better results calling a professional is a must.

Can I use rat poison or home remedies instead?

No home remedies & rat poisons you see in market give temporary results. Moreover rodents are likely to get immune to them, we use high quality pesticides in the process hence the effect of pest control rodent treatment if long lasting.

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