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Moths are seemingly harmless insects and do not harm humans directly. They contaminate stored food, cloth materials such as fur, wool, cotton, and leather. Moth infestation is quite hard to spot as they lurk inside the dark cupboards, wardrobes, and pantries. It can cause havoc and is a matter of concern for flour mills, bakeries, milk and bread stores, and farmers. They cause heavy losses every year in Sydney itself.

Ultra Pest Control is the leading pest control and removal company and deals with all sorts of moth species. We offer service at both commercial and residential places.

Health Risks and Damages Associated with Moth Infestation 

  • Moths are known to contaminate food items and water with their feces. Further, if contaminated is consumed it may cause serious health issues in humans.
  • Moths even damage clothes, carpets, and blankets. Further, when such material comes in contact with our skin, it may trigger allergic reactions.
  • Moths come in varying sizes, shapes, and colours, making it difficult to identify them.
  • They have a short lifespan. On average, moths live for two weeks but can multiply rapidly causing a lot of damage to your belongings.
  • One of the major concerns with moth infestation is that it is detected late. Moths hide in dark spots and grow rapidly undetected. Further, you come to know about the infestation only when you see your favourite fabric damaged.
  • During the caterpillar stage, the hair may induce asthma attacks.
  • In Sydney, there are thousands of moth species, but only a fraction of moths cause damage to commercial and residential places. In residential places, moths usually fly their way in or stick to fabric and come inside.

Tips To Identify the Type of The Moths 

  • Identifying moths may not be a simple task, but a little know-how can be helpful in moth control Sydney:
  • As per studies, there are broadly four types of moths, such as
  • Larvae with straw-like coloured wings, without any marking. These are known for creating irregular holes in the clothes.
  • Moth larvae with dark-coloured wings and three spots. These types of moths create regular holes in the fabric.
  • The adult moths that have brown wings and few spots develop larvae that feed on woolen and leather materials.
  • Larvae with white heads and speckled wings cause damage to food items rather than fabric.
  • If you notice moths in your house, then without any hesitation, call Ultra Pest Control in Sydney today!

Ways to Identify a Moth Infestation

  • Sightings of adult moths crawling in the house: If you notice adult moths that fail to fly in the house, then it is a sign of possible moth infestation.
  • Moths in the pantry or food storage unit: Small moths tend to fly and stick around the pantry area. If you spot them anywhere in the house, it is time to hire professional moth control Sydney technicians immediately.
  • White caterpillars and cocoons in the dry food items: Unattended foodstuff that is untouched in the pantry may get cocoons and white caterpillars. If you notice them, it is advisable to hire professional moth control services.
  • Silky tube-like structures holding moth larvae – These sorts of structures can be easily seen deep inside the wardrobes or pantry.
  • Caterpillar moth with food – Caterpillar moths often develop a web that may have small pieces of food entwined in it.

Moth Control and Removal in Sydney

  • At Ultra Pest Control, we believe that prevention is better than cure. Looking at the possible damage caused by moth infestation, it is advisable to prevent the infestation rather than dealing with it later.
  • The best way to control moth infestation is by being vigilant. You can get information about moth control from our pest controllers. Clean and clear the pantry, look into the wardrobes and cupboards for possible signs of moth infestation. Further, you can even use pest control pellets to keep moths away from your valuables.
  • The industrial setups must have periodic moth control services to avoid moth infestation and heavy loss to the business.
  • Once the moths enter the house, they usually look for dark and untouched corners to populate. They generally live in storage units where we store fabric, garments, woolen clothes, leather, and food items. So, it is advisable to check such places to avoid moth infestation at regular intervals.


How long does it take for a moth to infest the house?

The lifespan of moths is short. Generally, they have a lifespan of about two weeks, but they have a continuous breeding process, meaning they can infest the house very quickly.

Why are moths considered harmful to humans?

They are a wide variety of moths, but only a fraction of species are known for causing damage to humans. Moths are known to contaminate food items and water. Plus, in the larvae stage, moth hairs cause asthma. Call on +61480092459 to find more about moth control Sydney.

What other household items apart from food are infested by moths?

Moths may damage clothes, woolen, upholstery furniture, and carpets. If you notice any signs of moths, call Ultra Pest Control immediately.

What are the most common food items infested by moths?

The most common food items infested by moths are cereals, grains, milk, bread, coffee, cocoa powder, and flour.

How many moth species are there in Australia?

There are around twenty-two thousand moth species found in Australia.

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