Same Day Pest Control Sydney

Same Day Pest Control & Removal Sydney

Same day pest control in Sydney is becoming the need of the hour in today’s times. Pest infestations not only bring in hazards alongside but also create disturbance in your smooth routine. Ultra Pest Control offers the most reliable & finest domestic & commercial pest control services in Sydney.

We provide a unique pest control solution right at your doorstep. Pest infestation can leave you feeling humiliated in front of guests & acquaintances making emergency pest control in Sydney highly appropriate. In order to restrict pests from entering your home or office availing professional services from Ultra Pest Control is decisive.

Why do you need pest control?

Pest infestations create nuisance; they are not only annoying but highly hazardous as well. What starts with a single pest becomes a settlement of thousands of pests before you could decide a plan of action. Pests enter your homes and offices seeking food and end up attracting severe health risks & other species of pests.

  • Pests in any form and anywhere engender various hazards to humankind like:
  • Health hazards like malaria, jaundice, skin allergies, asthma etc
  • Makes your home or office disorganized, dirty & unhygienic.
  • Their droppings & urine spreads of unpleasant Odor all over the house
  • Creates unsafe environment for kids, senior citizens, pets & pregnant women in the house.
  • Damages valuables & upholstery like clothes, furniture, books, plants and even food.

Same day / Emergency pest control Sydney-

Pest control is a tiring activity; pests are annoying and appear anytime. In addition to it they attract other pests and end up creating havoc in your personal space. They usually operate in the dark and build nests undercover hence eradicating them without professional help is almost impossible.

Availing professional help like same day service as soon as you notice pests or even signs of pests is crucial. Same day pest control Sydney helps you save time & protect your valuable upholstery or belongings before they are completely damaged. It gives very less time to the pests to multiply or cause any hazard to health & property. Our customer helpline executives at Ultra Pest Control revert immediately to your pest control needs and offer your best suitable solutions. Efficient emergency pest control in Sydney is provided by us so as to give you a healthy home or workspace without causing any delay.

Fumigation technique-

Our technicians utilize the fumigation technique to exterminate pests that never come in front of us, at least in daytime. These pests hide in secluded spaces of your house and can only be eradicated with fumigation. It is basically a process in which our team pumps in non-toxic fumes inside your home or office. These fumes seep into all nooks & corners of your home and wipe out all kinds of pests no matter how small they are. Fumigation technique used in the emergency pet control Sydney is completely harmless to humans.

Eco friendly pest control-

We believe in protecting the environment while providing you a safe & healthy household or workspace; hence we employ only eco-friendly or organic products in the pest control treatment. The chemical sprays used do not contain alkaline in it or any other poisonous substances. Only certified child & pet safe products are used in the process.

How to prevent pest infestation-

Availing professional pest control is a wise choice but preventing pests from entering your personal space is wiser. Here are some tips that can prove to be beneficial if you are trying to prevent pest infestation:

  • Keep the dustbins clean; regularly throw trash out of your house.
  • Dusting & vacuuming everyday will help create a hygienic space thereby reducing chances of pests plague.
  • Make sure that the food spills & moisture is properly & promptly attended.
  • Holes or cracks should be sealed using cement or glue tape in order to avert pests.
  • Keep food in air tight containers.
  • Always keep checking for droppings, urine marks or any pest nest in the corners of your home or office.
  • Avail emergency pest control in Sydney even if you notice a single insect/ pest of any kind as they attract more.

Pest control services we offer:

Ultra Pest Control has been delivering versatile pest control solutions at reasonable rates for the past few years. We serve emergency & same day pest control in Sydney of following treatments:

  • Termite control treatment
  • Wasp control treatment
  • Rodent control treatment
  • Cockroach, lizards, ant & spider control (pest control)
  • Bed bugs control treatment
  • Pet ticks’ control treatment
  • Flea control treatment
  • Mosquitoes & house flies control
  • Bird netting etc

Don’t waste your valuable time on a complicated task like pest control, hire professionals from Ultra Pest Control.  With our dynamic emergency pest control in Sydney a happy, hygienic & peaceful space is no longer just a dream. To schedule a free inspection & for better deals on same day pest control Sydney call us at +61480092459

Why pick us for same day pest control Sydney?

  • Cost effective pest control services all over Sydney, also no hidden charges are imposed.
  • Trained, certified & skilled technicians are sent to your home for pest control treatment.
  • Organic products are used in the process; those are safe for pets, children, senior citizens or patients in your home.
  • Ultra Pest Control is a licensed company armed with years of experience and expertise.
  • All round pest control treatment provided right at your doorstep.
  • We cater to same day service & emergency pest control service requests by customers.
  • We are available on weekends and public holidays as well.


I have spiders in my home; do you cover spider control under pest control as well?

Yes, our complete pest control treatment works well on spiders as well. We can help you get rid of them in no time with our proficient extermination techniques.

Why do I need same day pest control in Sydney?

Pest infestation can be highly hazardous; they multiply rapidly and can create serious trouble. By availing same day service you avert health risks and restrict pests from causing damage to property in the long run.

Will the pests disappear immediately?

It takes a week for the gel to completely annihilate the pests. After a week or two you will find dead pests in your home. Just vacuum your house regularly and the pests will disappear.

How often should I opt for pest control?

Our pest control leaves a long lasting effect that lasts for 6 months, hence it is advised to avail pest control twice every year to restrict pest infestation.

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